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Mary’s Rules

We all have our rules to live by. This was fine with me, as long you followed Mary’s Rules.

Several years after the bunny incident, I discovered another delicacy at Aunt Sophi’s, in addition to her mulberries. I sat with her family at the kitchen table for a steak dinner. Button mushrooms sautéed in butter sat in a small side-dish, special for Uncle Albert.

“Those smell yummy. Can I try one?”

Uncle Albert’s side-dish expanded my culinary taste buds and he didn’t get his normal amount of mushrooms that day. I could not eat just one.

After dinner, my cousins Annie and Michelle walked over and the four of us sat on the floor of Aunt Sophi’s TV room, playing Barbara Ann’s new board game, Hi Ho Cherry-O. After two rounds, Annie and I were bored with the juvenile game.

“Let’s have a race to see who can pick all their cherries, one at a time, with one hand, and then put them back on the tree with the stems straight up,” I suggested.

Annie sat on the couch and watched Michelle, Barbara Ann, Janet Ann, and I play with continually changing new rules. We raced using our left hands, two pinky fingers, and teeth. Our own rules were a lot more fun.

Fast forward: As a junior in college, I bought my own Hi Ho Cherry-O. My friends appreciated Mary’s rules, but we were ‘under the influence’.

** Mary’s Rules is a term coined (appropriately) by Mrs. Kill.

Lesson learned: A creative life is never a dull one.

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Now it’s your turn: What rules have you made?


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