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Scenic Route

Why is the candy store always located on the road less traveled?

While our house in Hartford was being built, Mom and Dad took turns driving us the twenty miles to and from school. On really good days we stopped at our new house to view the progress. It wasn’t really a ‘house’, rather a basement built into a hillside with one exposed side. The house part came several years later.

We liked it best when Dad picked us up, because he could be talked into going the long way home.

The long way took us past a pond where painted turtles sunned themselves on a wooden plank. The little pond presented a quandary. It was located at the bottom of a steep dip in a country road. We could slow down and get a better view of the turtles or we could speed up and have our stomachs do a roller-coaster flip as we flew out of the dip. Decisions, decisions.

After passing the turtle pond we drove by a barnyard where beautifully colored guinea hens ran near the road. I worried we might squish one, since evidence of previous squishings appeared periodically. Luckily, Dad was a good driver.

Best of all, the long route took us past an old general store in Kingsbury, filled with fudgesicles and penny-candy. And Daddy-O had a sweet-tooth.

Our pleading to go the long way didn’t always work, just often enough to make it special.

Lesson learned: Too much of a good thing makes the good thing become ordinary. Amazingly, this also applies to candy.

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Now it’s your turn: Have you ever taken the road less traveled?

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