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Night Stalker

1967 - four years before braces

1967 – four years before braces

In the past I accidently sat at the boy’s lunch table and spilt milk on a classmate’s new shoes. Two bad lunchroom episodes weren’t enough. So a third luncheon faux pas paid me a visit.

At our small school seventh through twelfth grade ate together in two shifts, and it was common for several grades to sit together.

Judy set down her tray kitty-corner from Marcia and me. She was three grades behind us.

I noticed two dime-size bruises a half inch apart on Judy’s neck. Her injury was impossible to miss. I waited for one of her friends to comment, yet no one acted concerned. As an older student, I would show an underclassman I cared.

“Judy, what happened to your neck?” I politely asked.

Talking briefly stopped, but Judy didn’t answer. Strangely, her friends did not pursue my question. Hmmm. With the cafeteria clamor it was possible no one understood what I’d asked.

I repeated my question louder. This time Judy answered.

“What the hell does it look like happened?” she unpolitely replied. She rolled her eyes and muttered, “Jeesum.”

Judy turned toward her friends, ending our conversation and displaying a total lack of reverence for her elder.

I knew exactly what it looked like happened. Which might explain why she didn’t wish to discuss her mysterious bruise.

For many weeks I slept with the upper corners of my top sheet tied behind my neck. When a vampire struggled to expose my tender neck I’d wake up, providing time for me to yell for help. I didn’t want the same treatment Judy got.

She did seem a little on the pale side.

Lesson learned: It isn’t easy sleeping with a big knot tied behind your neck. But better safe than sorry.

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