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Blackmailing David

I was amazed to discover that I wasn’t the one in trouble. Miracles really do happen. I set about making the most out of my unexpected miracle.

Donna (name changed to protect the naughty), a new girl on our bus route and two grades behind me, was not a bit shy. Her outgoing personality first revealed itself on our way to school.

She leaned forward over her seat to where Eddie and my brother David sat.

“Hey guys, look at this,” she said.

They turned their heads and learned Donna was growing breasts. Her pulled down neckline was two inches from their noses. They did not look away.

The bus swerved as Mr. Carlton glanced up at the rearview mirror.

“Sit down in your seats,” he ordered.

Donna was also artistic. She drew a stick figure of a boy, folded the paper into an airplane, and sailed it over the seat onto David’s lap. He unfolded the paper and beheld an anatomically correct drawing.

David, with suggestions from Eddie, drew an equally correct stick figure of Donna. He labeled it with her name, wadded it into a ball, and tossed it back.

Donna left David’s artwork on her seat, where Mr. Carlton discovered it and sent it to the principal’s office. Mr. Snyder called Donna to his office and she named David as the artist.

David was scolded, kept after school, and told a note would be mailed home to his parents. David intercepted the mail and removed the principal’s letter.

Face of a blackmailer.

Face of a blackmailer.

I found out. I don’t remember how I found out, but the important thing is that I did.

Life was great, for me. Not so great for David.

It’s hard to believe, but power went to my head. Within one day, I got carried away with my list of demands. Rather than be subservient to a tyrant, David confessed to Mom and Dad.

Lesson learned: The cost of blackmail should never be higher than the cost of getting exposed. Much to my regret, I never got a chance to put my blackmail lesson to use.

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Now it’s your turn: Have you ever had an innocent blackmailing experience?

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