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Can You ‘Ear’ Me Now?

www.fanpop.com This should not be so difficult to achieve.

This should not be so difficult to achieve.

The Jaycee Center offered up two more potential Prince Charmings for Deedee’s and my approval. Luckily for them our approval wasn’t all that hard to win.

Pat was cuter, but he preferred Deed. Steven wasn’t too bad, so I rolled with it. Actually Steven was better than okay, since we later found out Pat continued dating his ex-girlfriend while dating Deed, and many, many years later, we read in the local paper that he turned out to be a bigamist.

Pat and Steve walked us to Bochi’s house (maternal grandmother) and detoured through Margaret Murphy’s schoolyard. We made small talk and traded jokes while swinging on the swings and balancing on the teeter-totter. Our laughter slowly died down, we paired off, and drifted to handy shadows against the school.

Steven softly kissed me; it was nothing like un-charming Brian. This was what I’d been waiting for and missing out on.

He kissed my cheek; nice. He kissed my right eyelid; weird, but still nice. He breathed hot breath on my ear; almost too nice.

www.salon.com "Come to me, my lovely"

“Come to me, my lovely”

Then he stuck his wet tongue in my ear and tried to lick my brain.

Stiffening, I wrinkled my nose and tolerated his slobber. He worked my ear like a cow on a salt block. The spell was broken.

He turned his head with his ear pressed next to my mouth. I huffed on it a few times. He pushed his ear tighter against my lips. No way, José.

I pushed away and called out, “Gee, it’s getting kind of late. Hey Deed, we better get going.”

Deedee and Pat emerged from their shadow and the four of us continued the half block to Bochi’s. I used my sweater cuff to wipe my soggy ear.

Pat made plans to meet Deed the following afternoon and Steve and I got included.

I resolved to keep my ears dry.

Lesson to be learned: Figure out why the heck guys can’t keep their tongues under wraps.

Now it’s your turn: Did anything like this happen to you?

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  1. Kay Pray says:

    Oh, yes, Billy again. On leave from Army, not the tongue in the ear, but the smoke in the mouth. Eewe, I didn’t smoke, he did, he enjoyed it so much he decided to share and proceeded to take a puff and held me tight and exhaled it while he kissed me.

  2. Valleygrail says:

    Oh my gosh! That was an awful experience for you! Full body shudder over that bad kisser!

  3. Oh, lots of things, though most are not suitable for a nice family blog. My most vivid memory was of a girl I really liked, whose mouth prepared itself for a kiss by opening (or gaping, possibly) like a hippo. Suction, or any degree of togetherness was impossible, Then came the tongue (oh, and she liked licking – everywhere and a lot). It wasn’t a long relationship…

  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    I must have been bold in high school because if a guy did something I didn’t like, I’d tell him to cut it out. Tongue in the ear, no way! :/

    • skinnyuz2b says:

      Glynis, I think my problem was I didn’t really know what was supposed to be normal. But if brain licking was normal I didn’t want any part of it.
      I’m glad you were able to stick up for yourself.

  5. kriskkaria says:

    Wow, you attracted guys who loved using their tongues! I love the “cow at the salt block” analogy, perfectly gross. Can I narrate this as a follow up to the first one? Its up on my podcast site, http://kriskkaria.podbean.com/.

  6. kriskkaria says:

    the podcast is up! http://kriskkaria.podbean.com/. thanks for the fun stories!

  7. Elle Knowles says:

    I wonder where boys learn these things and who told them that was the thing to start it all?! LOL! ~Elle

  8. This made me laugh Skinny and I sure needed one 🙂

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