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Jealous Heart

To my surprise, I became the object of another girl’s jealousy. Even more surprising, she was a fairly popular girl. She did not handle the green-eyed monster well.

Ricky bought me a silver heart-shaped necklace, studded with sparkly diamond rhinestones. My new boyfriend used his earning as a part-time mortician’s apprentice. I never asked for details about his job or visited him at work.

Two sisters from my school, Lucy and Marion (names changed) attended the same church as Ricky. Lucy was in my grade and Marion the grade below us. Marion had her sights set on my Ricky. She didn’t admit this, but her step-mom told my Mom, who told me.

www.artfire.com My first gift from a BOY!

My first gift from a BOY!

A group of classmates stood admiring my new necklace, when Marion walked up.

“Let me see it,” she said.

Before I could move, she yanked the necklace off my neck. My wilted necklace hung from her hand.

“Why’d you do that?” I cried.

“It was an accident,” she answered. “It wouldn’t have broken if it wasn’t so cheap.”

No apology came out of her mouth. I knew she did it on purpose and so did everyone else.

Her sister, Lucy, said, “Marion, you know what you did.”

Tears started leaking down my eyes, but I didn’t blat. I retrieved my necklace and carefully put it in my pocket.

“My father will fix it. If he can’t, I bet Ricky will buy me a new one.”

As we walked away, my friend, Marcia, who never made a mean comment about anyone, said, “I think Marion might have broken your necklace on purpose.”

I continued simmering over Marion’s un-accident through my remaining classes and while I walked outside for cheerleading practice. Marion stood with a bunch of her friends, apparently waiting for me. She asked, “Why would someone like Rick go steady with you?”

www.mygrowingobsessions.blogspot.com Our uniforms were also black and red.

Our uniforms were also black and red.

At a loss for words (since I didn’t know how I got so lucky) I turned my back and wiggled my butt while sashaying away. My intent was to show I was somewhat sensual and desirable, and there was absolutely no reason a guy wouldn’t want to go steady with me.

“That figures. I should have known it was something like that,” she smirked.

Too late, I realized I sent the wrong message. I was too embarrassed to correct her nasty mind; it wouldn’t do any good anyway.

Daddy-O fixed my necklace. I made sure Marion saw it every chance I could as a reminder that Ricky chose me.

Lessons learned: Jealous hearts make their own black spots. And when you are speechless over someone’s indelicate remark, simply walk away in a normal fashion.

Now it’s your turn: Did jealousy ever effect you?

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  1. Jealousy affects every stage of life. After your married, you will find that “friends” will be jealous if your husband treats you with love and respect, if you get new furniture, a new car, have nice clothes, get new dishes. What ever the case may be, there will always be someone who is jealous. I usually just let it roll off my back and cut off the friendship. You do not need “friends” like that in your life. I learned to pick and choose carefully. Even at 71 there are people that are jealous of me or something I own. Screw them. :o)

  2. Many a time, Mary. Usually, though, it was me who was jealous and the other guy who got the girl. However, I think I handled it with dignity – I don’t remember ripping anyone’s necklace off. Ah, youth!

    • skinnyuz2b says:

      Yeah, Fred, I experienced plenty of envy on my side, too. But like you, no destruction or cruelty involved.
      She continued to be one of the ‘mean’ girls in our small school, which wasn’t really all that mean. To the best of my knowledge she became a nicer person as she got older. Her sister was one of the nicest girls in our grade; still is.

  3. valleygrail says:

    Oh the things people do to one another! You were very cool to take the high road, but still I wanted to slap her for you!

  4. Elle Knowles says:

    Mean girls. There’s one in every bunch. 😦

  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    I never went steady. To tell the truth, I didn’t want to. I lost a boyfriend because of it — for a while. I didn’t date two guys at the same time. I just didn’t want the guy thinking he could rule over me.

    I guess I lucked out because I never did know anyone who showed jealousy. I’m sure my friends and I had our battles with the green monster but it was always a private one.

  6. chsuresh63 says:

    Ah! THAT’s the way we create our own hells for ourselves – Jealousy 🙂

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